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Why a God Has To Die?

Why does God the Father has to let His Son be killed and die?

Why is it that the death of a God seems to be the sole solution to save mankind?

Dying you destroyed our death, rising you restored our life, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, come in glory..

The keyword here is “Sacrifice”. The dictionary meaning of Sacrifice is “the act of giving up something that you want to keep, in order to get or do something else or to help someone”.

It’s like parents have to sacrifice their valuable sleeping time in order to feed their child when they cry at night.

When you really wanted something very dearly, you have to prove that you are committed and serious about it. A way to show this is by sacrificing your valued possession as a sign or gesture. This is what they call “offering”. This originated during the Old Testament days, as illustrated when Abraham has to offer his only son Isaac as a sign that he is committed to God.

This is how our God the Father since the beginning treats serious commitments when he wanted to measure ones faith to Him.

He wanted to level up with us, in order to have a fair means, so that He could relay this very message to mankind.

This is to show an example how a real sacrifice is.

A God has to be human Himself to level with our stature.

So it’s like a duel, each one strips off his armor and do a hand combat. It’s like a “man-to-man” thing.

A God has to undergo all the pains like we do.

A God has to offer His Son.

A God has to offer His Life.

These are all gestures of sacrifice.

This is to prove and show one thing. That God is committed to us, that He really loved us. This is just not an idea. This is real, but we have to open our hearts for this very essence to sink in.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Why Death?

Death means an end to a life of a person or other form of being. As Jesus showed however, His death on earth signified Glory as He goes back to heaven. He left us a promise of same Glory, if only we follow His example.

Death signifies an end but is also a beginning to a new phase of life. If we have to observe Jesus’ example –

He was born –

He performed His mission –

He gained friends –

He experienced challenges –

He had even experienced politics when He was judged by Pontious Pilate –

He went into a very shameful and painful suffering at the Calvary as a punishment for that judgment –

Then after this He died.

Earlier on, this is actually a big confusion for me, why a God has to accept this undertaking and how is this undertaking going to save me, if His time is so different from me?

Another confusion is how could it be possible that a sin which is just happening now, could be saved by this event that happened in the past?

The answer came in immediately..

This is because, this past event is just an example.

Jesus was sent here to be a human, stripping off His Godness and undergo a human life, to prove that life although it is full of trials, tribulations, pain and drama, has also an end.

But along the way He had also set an example on how to praise and glorify the Father our creator, for us to be worthy of His Kingdom.

Our pains and suffering is nothing compared to the ones He underwent. If we would notice, this could probably the reason why the cross is a common symbol and signing of the cross is a common gesture.

It’s a reminder, that whenever we are in pain, which no one is vulnerable with, we just look at the cross and remember that Jesus during His time had endured this as well. He was even tested by the devil, but He just prayed to the Father for fortitude.

The message here, is that this very event which happened in the past is a guideline or an example that Jesus had set. If we follow-through, if we just care to internalize what really happened during that time, it could spark some inspiration to us – knowing that God surely understand what we are going through. He, himself had been through this.

We could be saved by opening our hearts and letting the Holy Spirit come through. Finding that true connection to Him so that He could help us as we undergo the challenging process that we sometimes call “life”.

There is no shortcuts to this, as He could surely shown if there is. But the thing is, He could help us find a way on how to thread this ordeal in the right direction.

He had went through the worst kind of mockery, hardship on the Calvary, had been in the poorest condition, being born in a horse stable and was raised by simple parents.

Nothing can compare the situations He went through, that any complains we are bickering about could surpass.

This is God’s “superpower” why He could relate on every condition, each time a penitent sinner comes in and confides to Him.

Have a Blessed Lenten Season to all…

Ave Maria Purissima….

— Deaconess Rosita de Alexandria

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