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When Pain Does Good To Someone

A tourist lady was visiting the mountainous country of Switzerland.

One day, she walked up to a sheep pasture on a hillside.  There she saw a shepherd, with his flock of sheep lying at a rest around him.

Nearby on a little pile of grass lay a sheep which seemed to be in pain. It was, it had a broken leg. The lady asked the shepherd how it happened.

To her amazement, the shepherd answered, “Missus, I broke that sheep’s leg.”

He went on to explain: “Of all the sheep on this flock, that one was the most disobedient; it would never obey my voice. It always wandered off and led the rest of the flock astray.  I had this problem before, so I knew how to cure it.  I broke his leg to save it and my other sheep.”

“On the first day I went to it with food, and it tried to bite me.  I left it alone for a few days and it got hungry.  Then I went back to it.  Now it not only takes the food but licks my hand..”

“Let me tell you something: when this sheep is well again – as it soon will be – it will be the model sheep of the flock.  No sheep will hear my voice so quickly.. None will follow so closely at my side.”

Author: Pastor Paterno
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When Pain Does Good To Someone

When Pain Does Good To Someone

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Photo credit: Astrid Photography. via / CC BY-NC

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