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To Each His Own

Each of us is an individual who have its own personal goal.

This personal goal if it is a spiritual in nature, ultimately ends up in going home to its creator.

Think of it like you are traveling and is on the road.

On the road, you would meet different persons who are also in their own business in dealing with their journey in going home to their creator.

We all have the same road to take, same destination at stake.

The only difference, is each of us has its own style on how we take this road and how we approach each situation as we go along.

Some take this road joyfully, helping individuals as they go along.  Connecting with them, talking with them, celebrating with them.

Some would tread this road by showing dominance to others, so they don’t get their way.  To these individuals, if other peoples can’t be of help

or can’t be with their taste and satisfaction, they tend to blow their horns to let them pass.

Some would tread this road, only minding themselves alone.  Not seeking any help, and would also send signals to let others know not to expect either from them too.

Bottom-line, at the end of each day, even though we have a common ground to step on, common destination to end with which is the  death of our bodies..

We are bound to face our Creator at the end of the line..

What is at stake at that line is the million dollar question that we have to face..

“How did we took this journey?”

The salvation of our soul our salvation would then rely on how we answer this question.

Each person has its own soul to save.

If along the way.. we mind other’s business too much.. we could loose track and might compromise our own journey.

If along the way.. we hurt others too much.. our misdoings might take a toll on us and might also compromise our journey, not to safely land to our destination,

If along the way.. we only do everything by our own selves.. we might end up taking the roads twice or 3 times as far as we wouldn’t  be aware of which route has some warning signs that others might have seen that we didn’t.

So the message here is that.. the perfect balance of each of the 3 characteristics would ultimately give us the edge.

Depending on the situation.. there would be a time, that each of this trait would be appropriate.

We should be mindful that not even our parents, our spouses, our children, friends and neighbors or other travelers in general, could be held accountable for the failure our journey.. as they also have their own soul to save.

So the next time you saw some unpleasant moves, someone took an advantage on you, your were blessed by others.. its just their style on how to take care of their own business.

Its totally up to you if you would take this personally against them or give due credit.

At the end of the line, you cannot blame others as it wouldn’t be necessary.  

You would be measured by what you did, and not what other people did to you..

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