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The Lizard Story

A Simple Strategy on How A Simple Gesture Of Friendship Can Win an Enemy

A student with great interest in an enthusiasm for the Third World went to India and soon suffered a culture shock.

Suddenly, everything annoyed him: the climate, the food, the living conditions, the strange mysterious faces around him.

But what really made him lose his temper was actually a trifle.

They assigned a room to him and on moving in, he examined every nook and cranny of it, only to find to his disgust that he was sharing it with a thick, fat ugly lizard.

He became aggressive, “I refuse to live with that creature.”  So, he tried to catch the intruder in half a dozen ways, but to no avail.

Finally, the lizard hid behind a cupboard. The guest was too proud to ask someone’s help.

But then in the middle of all his senseless commotion, he suddenly got the bright idea of making friends with the lizard.

It was not easy at first.

But now, the first thing he does when he enters his room, is to look for his lizard. Soon he even gave him a name.

In  a short time it became almost a conversation partner.

And he also began to note the good qualities that the lizard had.

For one thing it controlled the mosquito population in the room.

After a while, this enthusiast began to realize that his problem did not come from his environment but from himself.

Willi Hoffsuemmer (Ref: 1000 Stories You Can Use, Frank Mihalic)
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The Lizard Story -stories for reflection

The Lizard Story -stories for reflection

Photo credit: Foter / CC BY-SA

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