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Humor Stories : Christian Lion

The Christian Lion

One day Bill was hunting in the woods.
It had been a slow day and he had yet to shoot any game. Suddenly, he heard a noise behind him. He whirled around and saw a ferocious mountain lion only twenty feet away.
Bill quickly raised his rifle to his shoulder, took aim and pulled the trigger.
The rifle didn’t fire.
Again, nothing. The gun was malfunctioning. By this time, the mountain lion had started toward Bill. In desperation, he threw down his rifle and ran.
Faster and faster he ran, with the mountain lion chasing him. The faster Bill ran, the more the mountain lion gained on him.
Finally, Bill came to the edge of a cliff. There was nowhere to go, so he droppped to his knees and began to pray.
“Oh Lord, i pray that this mountain lion is a Christian!”
As Bill looked up, he was surprised to see the mountain lion kneeling just a few feet away, praying,
“Dear Lord, i pray that you’ll bless this food that i’m about to partake to the nourishment of my body….”  – Quote
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Photo credit: Arno Meintjes Wildlife via / CC BY-NC-SA


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