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Tennis Lessons on Life

Tennis Tips – On Life

It takes two to play tennis, and life, like tennis, is never a one-man game.  Find yourself a partner and do not fight life’s battles alone.

Remember, life is not about winning but about how you play the game.

Do not score your life by the years but by the fellowship and friends you have won.

Specialize in good service, and never double-fault in life.

Take no hundred shots. At the right time, give your best drives with lots of follow-through and go for a win!

But remember, the best shots need not be power shots. Conserve your strength. Vary your shots.

Learn, discover, experiment, and risk.

For life, like tennis is an art – the more you go into it, the more you discover how little you know about it.

You will never quite perfect it really.

So practice, practice, practice.

When the going gets tough, don’t give up.  Always go for a deuce – and make every shot count.

Do not blame the racket or the wind, but take responsibility for every point lost or gained.

Break your racket if you must, but never break your heart.

Be gentle to yourself and don’t take things too hard, for in this life you are still your own best friend.

Should you find yourself in a real slump, don’t tighten up.  Relax, smile, look at the sky.

Go back to the basics – love, friendship, happiness, beauty, peace, God and fellowmen.

When you find yourself up against the wall, always go back to your unfailing center.

There will always be misfortunes, and life’s troubles may sometimes press you, so be ready with that solid forehand and meet life’s problems on the rise – with eyes on the ball – and with a firm grip.

Should you find yourself on the loosing end, cheer up.

Win or lose, what matters is that you played your best.

After all, that is all that the Great Umpire asks of you, that you do your best!

In life as in tennis, let LOVE be your aim!

Author: Fr. Jerry Orbos
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Photo credit: Steven Pisano via / CC BY

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