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short meeting prayer reflections

Short Meeting Reflections

Creator God,
Help us today to listen to one another and appreciate what each one has to offer.
So that by day’s end we will just a bit wiser and avoid the disgrace that comes from pride.
Jesus, you communicated with people at their level of ability.
Today, as we talk with other people, help us to speak plainly and clearly,
realizing that most people want to understand us.
Guide our efforts to be honest and open with one another,
not expecting that everyone will comprehend our meaning right away.
Grant us patience and persistence in our attempts to understand one another.
Cleanse our heart of evil intentions as we gather together today.
Give us hearts to do good.
Instead of injury, may our heart be filled with kind words.
Instead of slander, may we be gently honest.
Instead of taking advantage, may we be generous with what we have.
Jesus, cleanse our heart of evil intentions.
Merciful God, prompt us to put aside our differences peacefully.
Through free and honest discussion may we work out our problems and be united.
Only in this way we can create the community to which we are called by your Son, Jesus.
Help us to act our part worthily.
Give us generous and cooperative spirits. Amen
Adapted: Opening and Closing Prayers by Carl Koch

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