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Prayer Before Making a Decision

Workplace Prayers

To decide and act in the light of your Holy Will

O God, author of life and source of goodness,

I come to you and humbly implore your divine assistance.

I sincerely promise to decide and do things

not on the basis of what I want

nor of what others desire,

not solely for my benefit

nor my own advantage,

not for profit nor prestige,

but for the common good,

according to your Holy Will.

Forgive me, Lord,

for my harsh judgments,

my selfish interests,

Enlighten me with your Truth

that I may listen to my conscience.

Grant me the grace that I may follow

your commandments.

I come on bended knees,

my loving Savior and Redeemer,

to offer my penitent self…

turn me into an instrument of creation;

keep me from being an agent of destruction;

Show me how I can serve

my brothers and sisters;

let me not abandon them

in their hour of need;

Let me share my gifts,

my talent and my life.

Thank you, O God my Father,

for creating me,

for giving me a chance to live.

O my Creator, I resolve

to respect and protect life.

I have received your gift of life,

Your gift of love,

I pray that I may never cease to cherish these.

Amen.  — Fr. Ruperto Santos, STL
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