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Hope and Perseverance

Many years ago, there lived a very old man in North China.

His house faced South and right in front of his door stood the two gigantic peaks of Taihung and Wangwu. They blocked his way to the south.

So, he sat down with his sons and made a solemn promise and then got out his hoe.  They made up their minds to hack away those two mountains.

A neighbor saw them set to work and shook his head, “How stupid can one get?” he screamed. “It’s absolutely impossible for you to carry away these mighty mountains.”

The old man smiled and said, “Well, when I die, my sons will carry on the work. When they die, my grandsons will continue it.  Yes, the mountains are high but they won’t get any higher. But our strength can still grow.  With every bit of earth that we carry away, we come closer to our goal.  It is better to do something, than just sit around and complain that those mountains keep out the sunlight.”

And with complete conviction, the old man kept on digging.

God saw it, and was moved to send two of His messengers to earth. They lifted the two mountains onto their shoulders and carried them off.

Author: Willi Hoffsuemmer

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Photo credit: Tambako the Jaguar via / CC BY-ND

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