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Faith Without Works

Reflections on Taking the Action

Smitty was hard-headed, to put it mildly.  When a flood hit the area, he climbed to his roof.  A rescue boat came by but Smitty called back to their offer of help: “No, thanks. I have faith in the Lord.  He will save me.

The waves came higher and Smitty scrambled to the tip of his roof.  Another boat came by to save him, but Smitty waved them off, professing his faith that the Lord would save him.

When the waves began lapping his feet, he pulled himself to the top of the chimney.  A helicopter swooped down to save him, but Smitty was still depending on the Lord.  You can guess what happened: Smitty drowned.

When he stood before the Lord, he complained, “Lord, I had such faith in you. Why didn’t you saved me?”

To which the Lord replied, “What more do you want from me? I sent you two boats and a helicopter.”

— Arthur Thone (excerpts from 1000 Stories You Can Use, Frank Mihalic)

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