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Everything Is a Projection from Inside You

You’ll find this hard to believe at first, but everything in your life is a projection from the shadow side of your own mind.
I told you this would be hard to grasp.
Blame and excuses are easy. They let you avoid responsibility.
But your life is all about total responsibility.
When you look around, all you notice is seen within your own mind.
How it got there, is from your own mental filters.
To change anything, you must change the inside.
This is difficult to understand because they were never told that life happens from the inside out.
When someone upsets you, they pushed a button within you.
When a situation occurs that you don’t like, it was drawn to you from your inside programming.
If this is true, how do you change it?
You have to own the fact that you attracted it.
All of it.
You then have to accept the inside of you and release it.
So, if someone upset you, look at how you upset yourself, love it, and let it go.
As you change your inner self, you will find the outer change.
This is a big principle.
Sit with it.

– Dr. Joe Vitale
(Life’s Missing Instruction Manual)

The Miracle: Six Steps to Enlightenment

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