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This personal website, is a collection of anecdotes, inspirational stories, quotes, poems, humors and other related stuffs meant to entertain or give some shot of elixir to a thirsty or searching soul.

This ample compilation came out of the books, blogs, sites, magazines, movies that I have read or watched along the way. I had this habit of writing even a simple quote that sparked my interest.

Every effort had been made to put the credits or sources at the end of each piece, including some links (if available) to where these were sourced from.

The main objective of this site is to share thoughts, propagate positive energies and inspire people who happen to come across this humble site.

Some materials presented here varies on all aspects; some could be shallow and easy to digest, while some might go deeper. Some may make you smile and laugh and wonder.

I would feel so blessed, if these mere messages would really touch you by itself.. and also if you share it across for others to be ignited as well.

Glad to be with you in this journey.. Prayers of peace..

D. Rosita de Alexandria

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